​​ Caddy Clean® Scrubbing Machine



CaddyClean® Scrubbing Machine is a cordless battery scrubber that is the most versatile small scrubbing machine on the market. Developed in Sweden for commercial residential cleaning professionals.


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USA  1-877-977-3339​

INTL 1-702-538-9741




Optimized Productivity and Time Savings with Freedom to Clean

  • Staircases, floors, base boards
  • Walls, ceilings, columns
  • Bathrooms, toilets
  • Wood, stone buffing & polishing
  • Cars, trucks, buses, RVs, boats
  • Commercial kitchens, stainless steel
  • Hard to reach places.
  • Furniture, tables and appliances.



  • CaddyClean® lightweight multi-scrubber machine is simple to handle and the ideal cleaning tool that cleans up to 10 X's faster where manual elbow methods are used. 1000's of uses.

  • CaddyClean® is incredibly versatile from the push of a button the machine head can be adjusted in any direction, including upside down.

  • CaddyClean® scrubbing machine is designed to clean hard to reach areas, scrub, wash, buff, wax, polish and clean any surface from floors to all surfaces above floors.

  • CaddyClean® has a heavy duty nickel medal hydride battery that runs up to 2 hours on a single charge. 

  • CaddyClean® has a snap on hand grip attachment handle for scrubbing, buffing, polishing and cleaning by hand, counter tops, walls, appliances and hard to reach areas.

  • The CaddyClean® comes equipped with the option to run any cleaning chemical through the tank and auto sprayer on large jobs or to use a spray bottle for smaller jobs.​​


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