• Awarded the gold medal and the president's prize of honor at the 2009 Inventor show in Strasburg.


  • Haaga is the only producer of sweeping machines that has ever been awarded such a commendation.



​​HAAGA® 355 Sweeper Driveway, Sidewalk, Patio Push Sweeper


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The HAAGA® 355 22 inch triple brush non motorized push sweeper is designed for residential use to sweep clean your driveway, sidewalk, garage and patio areas quickly.



  • Model: Haaga 355
  • Width: 22 inches 
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs.
  • Container capacity: 5.6 Gallons
  • 3 Height Adjustments
  • Side Roller: Yes
  • 4 year warranty on brushes.
  • 2 year overall warranty.




  • Cordlessly sweeps up fine sand, sticks, leaves, rappers, any ground debris up to a 16oz bottle on asphalt, concrete or any natural stone surface.


  • ​Eliminates the use of blowers.
  • 30" wide area cleaning.
  • 13.2 gallon debris container.
  • Sweeps fine and course dirt.
  • Sweeps wet and dry leaves.
  • ​Belt free system.
  • Light weight for easy use
  • Stand up storage design.​


FACTORY DIRECT Sales & Service

USA  1-877-977-3339​

INTL 1-702-538-9741



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