The Speedy Sweep Sweeper

  • Cleans All floor surfaces 
  • Hard wood, ceramic, tile, laminate, linoleum, carpeted surfaces, area rugs, concrete, rubber and VCT flooring.

       Whisper Quiet.

  • Quietly picks up around tables, work stations, rest rooms, hallways class rooms, stairways, cafeterias and entrance mats without the obtrusive cord.

       Portable & Compact 

  • Ideal for cleaning your RV, Boat and your Garage.
  • Ideal for cleaning dust, sand, all types of foods, pet hair, glass, animal foods, etc.

      Cleans Wet or Dry Surfaces.

  • Light Weight ONLY 4.6 lbs Great for cleaning and tiding up behind children, pets, bathroom, living and dining room areas without having to pull out a heavy vacuum.

      Scratch Resistant 

  • Soft rubber wheels are ideal for wood, laminate, linoleum flooring that can easily scratch with a heavy vacuum.

      Cleans Big or Small Jobs.

90 Minute Battery

  • The Speedy Sweep sweeper is designed to be lightweight and powerful.
  • It employs a Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery that amazingly runs up to 90 minutes (1 to 1 -1/2 hrs.) on all hard floor surfaces with a single charge.
  • The Speedy Sweepers revolutionary high speed roller brush sweeps litter that even traditional vacuums can not, from chunks of food to dust, wet or dry problem areas as well as eliminating dust from becoming airborne, like sweeping creates.
  • The Speedy Sweeper comes with 2 removable washable high speed agitator brushes to meet all cleaning tasks. One of the brushes is a self cleaning pull apart hair & pet brush, Amazing feature!  
  • The brushes are driven by a geared non slip belt drive to ensure that the Speedy Sweeper is always cleaning at full Speed.
  • The Speedy Sweeper also comes with a wall mount for out of sight storage, compact 90 min. rapid charger for quick charging and a 1yr limited warranty. 
  • The Speedy Sweeper is the answer for Quicker, Quiet, Long running Cord-free cleaning and is the go to sweeper 2-3 times a day.



Accessories Included

Self Cleaning Pet & Hair Brush

Rapid Charger 

High Speed Brush Roller

Easy Access Wall Mount


The Speedy Sweep sweeper sweeps All floor surfaces, hard wood, laminate, Linoleum, tile, carpeted floor surfaces and is the most durable, lightweight, Incredibly powerful, longest running cordless sweeper available!

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